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2020 Francis Jordan

Towards the beatification

Pastoral Letter


During the past years, it has become an annual tradition that our General Superior writes a pastoral letter to the confreres. Such a letter for sure has unifying effects and furthers the sense of belonging to the Society. Also this year, Fr. Milton has addressed all the confreres focusing on the topic of apostolic holiness, bringing Pope Francis and our Founder, Francis Jordan, together in a dialogue. It is very interesting to see the affinities that exist between the teachings of Pope Francis and the spiritual notes of our Founder. By his pastoral letter “A dialogue between two Francises”, Fr. Milton wants to offer us some reflections that help to perceive the deep relationship that can be established between the key elements of the call to holiness, presented by Pope Francis in the document “Gaudete et Exsultate”, and some concrete facts of the life of Fr. Francis Jordan. Both Pope Francis and Fr. Francis Jordan tell us not to be afraid of holiness.

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2019 School for Formators

Forming Apostles for our time

Fr. Francis Jordan SDS

It was Gurtweil, a small place in southwestern Baden, just a few kilometers from the district town of Waldshut, close to the Swiss border, that became the hometown of Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, founder of the Salvatorians. Father Jordan was born on June 16, 1848, second son to Lawrence and Notburga nee Peter. On the following day he was baptized at the local parish church with the name John Baptist.

Being brought up in a poor family, he was not able to realize his dream of becoming a priest, although as a teenager he had already become aware of his vocation at the moment of his First Communion. After finishing primary school he worked as a laborer and painter-decorator, traveling in what was then Germany.

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Great Salvatorians

Bl. Mary of the Apostles
Bl. Mary of the ApostlesFirst Superior of Salvatorian Sisters
Fr. Pancratius Pfeiffer
Fr. Pancratius PfeifferSuccessor to the Founder as General
Fr. Bonaventura Lüthen
Fr. Bonaventura LüthenFirst cooperator of our Founder
Fr. Otto Hopfenmüller
Fr. Otto HopfenmüllerFirst Salvatorian Missionary

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