Logo of the XX General Chapter

Logo of the XX General Chapter

The XX General Chapter of the Society of the Divine Saviour will be held from 21 July to 20 August 2024, in the city of Kraków, Poland. The logo of this event, inspired by the theme "Rooted in the Divine Saviour, apostles for today", has MISSION as its central element. We, Salvatorians want to reaffirm our commitment to live Jesus' command to go and make disciples of all nations, in the footsteps of Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. We are gathered in Christ the Saviour to bring to all and by all means His message of salvation, which is God's gift to all.

Logo of the 20th General Chapter of the Society of the Divine Saviour


Divine Saviour - From what we are and from what we do, Salvatorian life has no other center than Jesus Christ. As the Constitutions express it well, “our entire life is grounded in union with Christ" (502). He is "the center and source of strength" (501) for our life and mission. Our mission is born of the encounter with the Person of Jesus Christ who fills us with his Spirit and consecrates us as his witnesses.

Blessed Francis Jordan - Imbued with intense apostolic zeal, coupled with a lively sense of the mission of the Church, Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan continues to point us to the Divine Saviour and to invite people of all cultures to know, love and proclaim the mercy and compassion of Living and True God. "Be a true apostle of Jesus Christ. Do not rest until you have carried the word of God to all corners of the earth". (SD I, 182).

Apostles - The two figures of an adult and a young person represent Salvatorians of all ages and from different cultures who live the charism in the most diverse contexts of the world. In many ways the Founder made us understand that "the life of those who join this work is the apostolic life..." (Rule 1882), that is, the way of proceeding of apostles who by example and words made the Divine Saviour known throughout the world.

Scroll - The mission of proclaiming the Word of God is essential for those of us who follow the charism and spirituality of Blessed Francis Jordan. This is the mandate with which he sent the first missionaries to Asia and we all have received from him: “Proclaim the word of God, be urgent in season, out of season, rebuke with all patience and teaching. Go, and with perseverance speak all words of eternal life to the people.” (Rule 1884)

Globe - The background globe reminds us of our identity as a community of people consecrated to the universal mission of the Church. Our apostolic service in the reality of the world develops with the Founder's desire to do everything possible to "save all". We are sent to all peoples, with all means and in all places, including all.

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Bl. Francis Jordan


Founder's Thoughts

As long as there is one person on earth who does not know God and does not love God above all things, you dare not allow yourself a moment’s rest.

Great Salvatorians




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