Preparatory commision

Step by step

Step by step

Today, February the 27th, 2024 starts the next meeting of the Preparatory Commission of the XX General Chapter. Fr. Adam Ziolkowski (PL), Fr. Johnson Vinoth Kumar (IN), Fr. Charles Mushitu (CD), and the members of the Generalate: Fr. Milton Zonta, Fr. Adam Teneta and Fr. Agustín Van Baelen visit the host community of the July's event. The address is known since last General Synod; however, the place is going to be adapted to very special needs of the meeting. There is need to check for the proper set of the chapel and the main aula; choose the several places for the working groups, secretariat, communication and possibly for other types of gatherings.. The accommodation for the members and the staff, the ways people can arrive and communicate it prior to the arrival is to be taken in consideration as well.

Stay in touch, to see the result of the Kraków’s meeting.

If you want to see the photos of the host community, please refer to the Photos in the main menu.

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