2018 Centenary of Fr Jordan

Decree on Heroicity

The Servant of God, Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, was born on June 16, 1848, into a poor family in the village of Gurtweil near Waldshut in Baden, Germany. Son of Lorenz and Nothburga, he was the second of three brothers. The next day he was baptized and given the name John Baptist. Around the age of 13 he received his First Holy Communion. From that moment not only the joy at receiving Communion, going to Confession, praying and reading spiritual books, but also a longing for the priesthood grew in him. The loss of his father at the age of 15 reinforced even more his spiritual life. After completing elementary school, John Baptist worked as an unskilled laborer and painter. After pursuing this trade in various places, around the age of 20 he finally decided to follow his calling to the priesthood.





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Fr. Francis Jordan SDS


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As long as the Queen of heaven and earth is not everywhere praised, you dare not allow yourself a moment’s rest.

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