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21 July 2024 - Sunday

Feast of Blessed Francis Jordan: (white)

Proper readings

Isaiah 52 : 7-10
Psalm 95 : 3
Psalm 95 : 1-3. 7-8. 10

Matthew 28 : 19-20
Matthew 28 : 16-20

US delegates and the new Vicar Provincial, Fr. Raúl

From the left to right: Br. Silas, Fr. Peter and Fr. Raúl

The most frequent chapter participants in our history

There are 7 of our confreres that were the most frequent members of the general chapters.

There are two Salvatorians that participated in seven general chapters.

150 days

From 27 until 29 February 2024, the Preparatory Commission for the XX General Chapter met in the still new building of the Spiritual Formation Centre, in the historical city of Cracow, in Poland.

Discover-Dream-Suggest in Austria

From Sunday, 28 January, 6.00 pm to Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 4.30 pm, the Provincial Chapter of the Salvatorians took place in the convent of the Sisters of Mercy in Laab im Walde in preparation for the General Chapter 2024. A short report by Fr Josef Wonisch SDS.

Rooted in the Divine Saviour - cooperation of apostolates

The Chapter was attended by more than 60 brethren from all over the world. In addition to the brethren working in Poland, members of the Polish Salvatorian Province arrived from countries such as the USA, Canada, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine, Zambia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Australia.

Bl. Francis Jordan


Founder's Thoughts

Woe to me, O Lord, if I do not make you known to men [and women]!

Great Salvatorians




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