On this day the Synod participants enthusiastically affirmed the proposal of the Generalate to hold the Society’s XIX General Chapter between 08 August and 08 September 2018 at St. Ottilien Monastery outside of Munich. The reason for the date and location is that the Salvatorian Family will be commemorating the centenary of death of our Founder, Fr. Francis Jordan and we wish to end the Chapter with a celebration of the Founder at Gurtweil, Germany about three hours from Munich. It will also provide access to Tafers, Switzerland where the Founder died on 08 September 1918. In addition the participants established the Chapter Preparations Committee consisting of Frs. Raúl Gómez Ruiz, Agustín (Stijn) Van Baelen, Charles Mushitu, Vinoy Thottakkara, Mirosław Stanek and Hubert Veeser along with facilitators Sr. Dulcelene Ceccato and Fr. Dennis Thiessen. The Committee will follow the schedule of preparation presented and approved by the Synod beginning with this Synod and continuing through the start of the General Chapter.  We are very grateful to the German Province for agreeing to host and help prepare the General Chapter. Also, the Synod received extensive information on the process of beatification of our Founder from Fr. Adam Teneta, Postulator General, along with some suggestions for the celebration for the Centenary of Fr. Jordan’s death. The day was completed by an evaluation of this very full week of work. We invite intercession though Fr. Jordan for the success of our plans. 


Franciscus Jordan


Signore, aiutami, mostrami le strade, senza Te non posso nulla, da Te spero tutto. In Te, O Signore, ho sperato, non sia confuso in eterno.

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