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Psychology in formation

The School for Formators proposes an integrative approach of formation. Integration is understood as conjunction, the combination of various elements forming a whole. Integration of human development is perceived as a coherent connection of a person and its relationship with the environment. In such combination, two elements can be distinguished: internal change of the person inseparable from continuous coherent development of various external elements influencing its development. However, this horizon - a relationship with God - gives the person a consecrated sense. Therefore integration in religious formation should assume the process of merging one's own self around the centre of life. This centre is the person of Christ, the Saviour. Therefore the role of psychology is in this sense subordinate to the personal vocation to become Salvatorian. Hance, the psychological tools help consecrated persons, in this case Salvatorian formators, to get to know themselves and to direct their own strength to the Saviour’s person.


Psychological workshops

Psychological workshops remain one of the essential tools for getting to know each other. During three-hour sessions, the group of formators undergoes through four phases through the use of different activation methods. The most characteristic group consolidation phases can be found in the description of Bruce Tuckman. According him a group goes through: forming, storming, norming and performing. In addition, in the process of the group dynamic, formators will acquire basic tools in getting to know each other by: giving and receiving feedback, playing roles. All this contributes to a greater insight of themselves, a growth of psychologization, empathy and the ability to confront. Basically to become more mature.


Session I

Days 1-3: Integration meeting
Days 4-6: My path to existing formation
Days 7-9: Who am I and what do I mean to myself?


Session II

Days 1-3: I think and feel
Days 4-6: Feelings are signaling needs
Days 7-9: Psychosexual needs and the choice of celibate life


Session IV

Days 1-3: In fraternal multicultural community
Days 4-6: Differences and conflicts as a chance for growth
Days 7-9: Evaluation of the participation of workshop group members


Session V

Days 1-3: The mission of being a formator
Days 4-6: The art of conducting formation talks
Days 7-9: Growing as a formator

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