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The General Chapter
The General Chapter of the Society, made up of representatives from all of the Society’s units worldwide, meets every six years and is responsible for electing the Superior General and his Council, as well as setting the direction and priorities for the Society and Generalate. The General Chapter can make changes to the Society’s rules, subject to the approval of the Holy See.

The Generalate
At the head of the Society of the Divine Savior stands the Generalate, elected for a six year term by the General Chapter. The Generalate consists of the Superior General and his Council. The Council members are the Vicar General and three consultors.

The Superior General
Holds the highest office and has authority over all administrative units, houses, and individual members according to the Society’s rules.  The Generalate promotes the spirit of the Society and fosters international unity. It has the duty of directing and coordinating the activities of the entire Society, strengthening the members in faithfulness to the spirit of the Founder and encouraging their service in our apostolic mission.

The current Generalate of the Society of the Divine Saviour:

Fr. Milton Zonta from the Brazilian Province – Superior General
Fr. Adam Teneta from the Polish Province – General Consultor
Fr. Ferdinand Lukoa from the Tanzania Mission Pro-Province – General Consultor
Fr. Joseph Rodrigues from the USA Province – General Consultor
Fr. Sunil Thomas from the Indian Mission Vicariate – General Consultor
Fr. Agustín Van Baelen from the Venezuelan Vicariate – General Consultor

Furthermore, the Generalate is directly assisted by a variety of departments:

General Formation Secretariat – head of department: Fr. Krzysztof Gasperowicz
General Finances Secretariat – head of department: Fr. Scott Wallenfelsz
General Postulation Secretariat – head of department: Fr. Adam Teneta
General Legal affairs Secretariat – head of department: Fr. Laurent Madiba
General Mission Secretariat – head of department: Br. Joby Philip
General Communication Secretariat – head of department: Fr. Agustín Van Baelen


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Franciscus Jordan


long as the Queen of heaven and earth is not everywhere praised, you dare not allow yourself a moment’s rest.

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